Writer’s Block

Dun dun duuun!
Blank blank blank blank blank.
🎶 Well, I’ve got a blank space baby…🎼

This is so annoying.

Guys, my characters have abandoned me. My words are on vacation. Absent without leave. Come back, vocabulary! You can’t leave me like this 😔. What am I supposed to do now?
Bitmoji Image

Two hours later…
Instagram is from the devil.

I’ve been trying to write a post for two weeks now. Could it be that I have run out of content? Has my brain turned to mush? Is nothing interesting happening in my life? I think I’m sick.

Half an hour later…
Damn you, Instagram!

I really need to write something to get me out of this funk.
Hmm… there’s a spot on my wall. Is that new? Has it always been there? I need to pay more attention.

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It’s been four hours, Mark. Not to mention it’s been two weeks. Just give up. Today is not the day that you write a profound blog post. 👿

Get thee behind me, Satan!

Oh me, oh my! Is that a story forming? Are the creative looms in my head taking strands of thought and weaving them into intricate designs to create … Crap! That’s just my tummy demonstrating the ferocious intensity of a Siberian tiger’s roar. It’s not hunger, guys. I think I really am sick.

WebMD says I’m dying. That should make for an interesting post. This post has been written by a ghostwriter. Boo!

Writer’s block is the worst.


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