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Work Commutes

I bought a new pen. Stationery purchases always make me happy; the smell of new books, the way pens, and pencils, and markers glide over paper, the scent of ink (wait till I tell you about my trip to Science Scope!). Must be how heaven smells like – apart from chocolate and ice cream.

And gasoline.

Anyway, I’ve been waiting a long time to use this pen. This black Pelikan SOFT GEL pen. It seems built solely for the purpose of signing important documents. Like marriage certificates, insurance papers, or bank authorization notices. I feel important right now and this notebook is doubly honored.

Now I’m going to use this very important feeling pen to write about geese.

what's wrong with me?

I may have told you in that notice board thingy on the right that I have never seen an even number of geese in a flock. If I didn’t then I intended to. So, there’s a flock of geese I usually walk past on my way to work. They stand defiantly in the middle of the road like an armed gang, daring anyone to walk by. Rabble rousers. They stare at people and have this territorial expression on their expressionless faces like, “You’re on our turf, dumb human!” Then they honk at the people who dare ignore them. These geese breathe violence and vengeance.

I love them.

I call geese snake-birds because they hiss a lot. And they can kill and eat snakes too. They also chase and frighten little children and I find that quite hilarious. If I chase and frighten small children I will be called a menace to society and locked away. Far away in a place where I would have to smuggle a kabambe via my butt and use this butt kabambe to send those ‘I’m a Canadian national working in Turkana looking for love‘ kind of messages. But the geese won’t suffer such consequences. They can chase and frighten freely and I am envious.

Bitmoji Image

This particular flock has five birds in it. Five. An odd number – thereby further cementing in my mind that there are no even-numbered flocks of geese. Five is also a prime number (this is not important but I’m enjoying writing it – this pen is wow). Anyway, today, when I walked by, there was only one goose on the road. She (don’t ask me how I know it’s a she) looked sad. Neglected. Distraught. Distressed. She was honking her tail feathers off, shouting into the cold morning air, “Where are you guys?” I felt sorry for her and I wanted to help her look for her friends-  but I was running late and as I said last time the boss does not like it when I am late.

I could only watch and sympathize.

But suddenly, her honks were reciprocated. Two of the others showed up – I don’t know where they were or where the other two were but these dudes (don’t ask me how I know they are dudes) came out fiery. Their friend was in distress. The girl goose (Lucy Goosey) was elated! The dude geese ran towards her, she ran towards them, wings wide and full speed and they met halfway, colliding in a mass of white and grey feathers. They came as close to hugging as birds can get. It would have been precious had they not just done their colliding in a muddy puddle. Almost cinematic, like a Disney movie.

Then I rushed to the office and made it on time. Early in fact, but boss man was nowhere to be seen and my efforts felt like dung.

world's best try-er

Anywho, how was your morning? Anything goose-related happen? Let me know.

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