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Vegan Posters

Sometimes a man tries to write something interesting but the words just won’t come.

It’s a very frustrating thing if you’re on this end of the keyboard. Like, how will I face the world now? This is the time when most people, including myself had I not publicly declared that I WILL WRITE EVERYDAY, give up.

They throw in the towel and blame everything on writers’ block – which of course isn’t anything other than fear. Fear that your words will sound dumb and uninspired. Fear that no one will want to read your drivel anymore and you’d become the laughingstock at the writers community you built in your head.

So that’s my long-winded way of saying nothing in particular. I just wanted this post to be a bit longer today.

Anyway, today something interesting did happen – I thought it was interesting, anyway. Eve and I were having a meal and the meal contained eggs. That’s it, just eggs. The funny thing is though, we were watching something on TV about making posters. Well, I was watching, Eve was there.

Wait, Mark, posters aren’t funny.

This one was.

See, the guy onscreen told us he was vegan -at the start of the video – totally unprovoked and he was making a poster to celebrate his 5th year of not eating meat. I think that’s a sad life to lead. No beef for 5 years? No eggs? Gasp! No ice cream? Dude went 5 years without ice cream!


Anyway, it was funny because I was watching him make his vegan poster while chomping on a pile of eggs. If only he knew.

I should comment that on his video… 😈

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