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Update on the Cake

I shaved my legs the other day… What a way to start a post! Oversharing like a gossipy aunt who’s had too many glasses of wine. So, yes, I did shave my legs the other day. On the 31st of December.

See I had this thought in my head. It was random, lonely, and probably just wanted its time in the sun. The thought was, “Perhaps you could do something to symbolize the end of the year. Something like shedding 2022 away from you.”

“Hmm…I like that,” I said. “Any ideas?”

“Maybe, since you’re already shaving your head today…you can like shave everything.”



“Even my eyebrows?”

“Now let’s not get crazy.”

And that’s how I ended up with shaved legs.

Ladies, let me just say, on behalf of men, I apologize to you. You endure so much suffering because of our outrageous societal standards. Leg shaving is not a joke. It’s a test of endurance and strength and flexibility. I thought it would take like 10 minutes but no it did not! And the worst part is that that evening my hair started to grow back so I am in incredible pain what with all the itchiness.


Anyway, this is a reminder for all those who don’t know (and maybe those who do), to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. You don’t even have to watch the videos (but please do – maybe mute them or open them in another tab). Also, if you are or have been enjoying the blog and/or Channel, consider leaving me a tip. There’s a tip jar at the corner somewhere.

Thank you so much.

Also, the cake was fire! You should have tasted it. I glazed it in milk chocolate sauce and doused it in Bailey’s infused cream. The moistness! The decadence! The incredibly short time that cake existed…


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