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Under Pressure

Day 3.

I’ve already written more than I have in days. Weeks. Months? Has it been a month since Molly? I don’t know. Maybe.

Today’s a Sunday. I wanted to go to physical church today but I overslept. I was on time for the live stream service though. I wonder what people who are late for the stream do. How can you be late? There’s no traffic. There are no parking attendants that waste your time telling you how to park. No ushers putting you in the front row that’s somehow always empty. Anyway, the service was nice. In church speak it was edifying.

Eve dozed off towards the end. This isn’t an important detail, especially to you, but I’m recording it for posterity. For Eve to see. Not to make her feel bad but to let her know that I know what she did.

Not much of the day has passed to write down anything interesting. I can always try to journal at 6 pm or at night or just before bed but I would be lying to myself. I know if I procrastinate nothing will get done. However, I would like to take this time to give thanks to whoever invented the best kitchen appliance in the world. The humble pressure cooker.

See, some time ago, before I got married, I sort of promised Eve that I’d help out in the kitchen on the weekends. By help out I mean I’m supposed to organize and prepare what we’re going to eat. I regret to inform you that I have not lived up to this promise ?.

If you’ve been following the blog (or my Instagram) for a while now, you would remember me writing or posting about food (either cooking or baking). Now, I like to cook. I love to bake. I used to bake every weekend but Kenya Power told me to stop doing that. Rather, they told me to keep doing that so that I’ll give them more money and they in turn will give me less tokens. Kenya Power doesn’t even make sense, to be honest. Nowadays, I bake randomly. Like after work on a Wednesday kind of random. These are the days I crave cake and I will not be denied!

Anyway, what I’m saying is I’m supposed to cook on the weekends. And we have established that I rarely do. Husband of the year, here.

This is your reminder, a lesson, that you should only trust in the Lord. Men will fail you.


Fortunately, because of the pressure cooker, today i can cook without cooking. Just throw in whatever ingredients and add some water, cover it and leave it for some time. Tumbukiza is my new favorite word

Work smart, not hard.

In other news, the disgusting show we’re watching today is My Feet Are Killing Me.

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  • Shad August 22, 2021 2:08 pm

    That Bible verse Blended in so effortlessly…. ?

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