Umbrella Corp

Hi there. I know it’s not Monday so this post may come as a bit of a surprise. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on posting anything this week because I was busy contemplating the meaning of life.

I asked myself tough questions like:

  1. Why is the sky blue?
  2. Why do people swim in the ocean for fun?
  3. How much money does Stephen King have?
  4. How did Ron end up with Hermione? I mean, seriously?
  5. Whatever happened to Daario Naharis?

You know, the tough questions.

Another tough one is what the hell is this coronavirus (or COVID-19 for all you intellectuals)? Well, you’re not going to find the answers here because this isn’t a scientific journal. We don’t do that here. What we do do, (haha Do do) is have a good time. And boy are you in for a treat.

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See, I was watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver yesternight and he showed us this gem. This magnificent piece of art (it’s also informative but that’s not the point I’m trying to make right now). It’s a video that the Vietnamese government had made because of the corona thing. And since I upgraded this site, I can post it here for you.

This song did not need to slap so hard, but it does! I’m actually listening to it for fun and you’re welcome. All PSAs should be like this. Turn on the closed captions for the info.

Also, John showed us a tik tok featuring the song and I found the full clip. Ndio hii hapa chini.

Again, you are welcome.

Stay safe guys.

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NB: For all you conspiracy theorists, did you know that there’s a biotech company in China that has the same logo as Umbrella Corp from Resident Evil? And that if you spell raccoon with a single C, you can rearrange the letters to spell ‘Corona’? Well, now you know.

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