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I recently canceled my Netflix subscription. It was time and it had to be done. I wasn’t using it correctly anyway and the shows I’m now into are Kdramas. Everything else is trash.

Speaking of trash, yesterday Eve and I took a trip. An excursion. Not a long one, just a quick ride into town for a change of scenery. We were in a crammed matatu (as is the case with most public transportation in the bundus) but I had a window seat and at least I could watch the world go by. Through this window, I saw a guy walking out of a kiosk with a packet of wafers in his hand. My first thought was, “Hmm…I didn’t know kiosk people sold wafers still. Aren’t they a supermarket thing now?” Obviously the kiosks I’ve been to don’t carry the product anymore that’s why I mused. Anyway, my second though was, “How dare he!”

Now, to the untrained eye, one could assume that I’m talking about the kiosk owner selling wafers or that I was criticizing the dude for actually buying some. But no. All that is unimportant. The reason I was mad is this: the dude gobbles up the snack like a combine harvester. He basically inhales the thing, vacuuming it up with no abandon. The man could have died! But that’s not the thing. The thing is after this barbaric display, he just let go of the wrapper.

I saw it fall from his hands in slow motion. I kid you not, the world stood still for a moment as the pink plastic paper floated down, fluttering in the breeze, until it hit the ground. He just let the paper go. Like it was nothing!

Let me go back to Netflix for a little bit. Most of what kept me subscribed were the reality shows and docuseries. I think they’re really interesting to watch and if not interesting, at least they fill the silence as you (meaning I) try to do something constructive. Murder documentaries are especially interesting, to be honest. I can kind of relate to some of their motives for the heinousness. Some, not all. Revenge is a particularly relatable one. Sometimes you just want to whack a dude – the world may be better for it, it may not.

I know all of us would at least try it if there were no consequences, so you can get off that high horse of yours.

Anyway, I did not want to murder the wafer man (that’s a great serial killer name!). The wafer would probably take care of that – it’s probably still stuck in his throat as I write this. But as I rode past him, I couldn’t for the life of me understand littering. I cannot imagine throwing away trash just like that. I don’t even know how to write a character like that for my stories. Murderes, yes. Witches, yes. Manipulative sociopaths, of course. But litterers? I cannot.

It seems like the worst crime to me. Worse than killing John Wick’s dog. Worse than starting a cult. You’re killing the actual planet! It’s slow but it’s happening.

Find a trash can for goodness sake!

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