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The Last 10 Minutes

Hi there. Happy to see you this 2022. I know I usually come here and tell you that sijui oh, I’ll be better this year and post regularly but you know by now that that would be a lie. Whenever I say I should write more I end up actually writing less, so let me just not say anything.

Anyway, when I took some writing classes and workshops last year, one of the instructors told us to try taking 10 minutes to put down whatever. Anything we could write about, throw it on a page. Then after 10 minutes, see what you have. You might be pleasantly surprised. And now at the end of my day, I have taken my 10 minutes and put something down. Might help you, might not, but I wrote something. And that’s all that matters.

I did it

Buckle the heck up!

I just read John 6:1-15. It’s about the feeding of the 5000 (just men but there were women and children no doubt). It’s one of the few miracles that appear in every gospel so it must be important.

So here’s the story, paraphrased:

Jesus and his disciples go up a mountain and a crowd follows them. He preaches for a while because He is God and He has a lot of things to say about the Kingdom of Heaven. These guys are just listening. Drinking it all in. I mean, if you’ve ever listened to a good sermon, you know that time flies. And this was Jesus Himself preaching. The lucky bastards.

Anyway, it gets late and the disciples, being the selfish people we can be, want to send these people away so they and Jesus can sort themselves for lunch or dinner or whatever. But Jesus being Jesus has compassion on the crowd. These guys haven’t eaten. They just followed Him up a freaking mountain without food – which is wildly irresponsible of them. I hiked Longonot once and I brought snacks.


This would have been me but with fries instead of fruit.

So Jesus tells the posse, “Yo, we have to feed these guys. Where do we get food for them, Phil?”

Philip, on the spot, says, “Lord, we have 8-month’s wages but that wouldn’t be enough to feed such.”

I imagine He smirked when He heard this because the Bible says that He was testing Phil.

Then Simon’s bro, Andrew said, “There’s a boy here with five loaves and two fish. But what is that for these many?”

I imagine Jesus thinking, ‘What is that indeed?’ He thought it. Can God be sarcastic? I think so. In His head but he can’t say the sarcastic thing because if He says it then it becomes true because He is God.


Also, props to the boy’s mother for packing something. Always bring snacks. Always! If I were that boy and Andrew came to me I’d probably have a packet of crisps. Potatoes can solve any problem. Except for KFC I hear.

Anyway, Andrew basically steals this boy’s lunch but he was probably happy to help. Maybe he thought he was offering his lunch to Jesus for Him to eat. He didn’t know what Jesus was about to do so if anyone should eat, it should be The Lord.

Receiving it with a smile, because of course Jesus was smiling, He gave thanks and multiplied it.

Now here’s what I don’t know and can only speculate. How did Jesus distribute it to the disciples? Did they have trays? Baskets? Where did the baskets come from? Did Jesus pour the stuff into their baskets or did He put in loaf after loaf by hand?

Where did the baskets for leftovers come from? Were they the same baskets? How big were they? Did each disciple eat a basket full? Did they eat for days? Did Jesus even eat?

Anyway, major miracle, and the point of it is obviously for us to be thankful for whatever little we have. Because whatever little we have placed in the Lord’s hands, will multiply.

Now Lord Jesus, touch my bank account and my pockets. And my brain, because phew, Lord you know I need some multiplying there.

happy new year

Happy New Year!

PS: I meant to send this out earlier but the blog was experiencing technical difficulties. You might have seen something called TEST POST in your inbox, right? That was Brian. Brian’s the tech guy. A hand for Brian for fixing the thing.
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