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The Conjuring

Yesterday was a good day. I barely did anything and isn’t that all we can ask of a Sunday? It is a day of rest, after all, yes?

Eve and I got to watch a movie too. I have hundreds of them piled up in my hard drive but for some reason, I have only seen like five of them. At this point, I’m beginning to think it’s a character trait. Hoarding. Hoarding movies, TV series, and books and not actually seeing or reading any of them. What a sad life this is. Anyway (I realize I say ‘Anyway’ a lot), we watched The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. It was… okay…? I don’t know. Horror movies these days aren’t very horrific. The characters are usually very dumb. Like, dudes, don’t move into the haunted house. Is that so hard? Don’t run toward the sound. You don’t need to investigate. Run the other way!

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Still, this particular movie is based on a true story. I don’t know about the other movies in the Conjuring universe as I have not watched those. Maybe those are too based on true stories. Who knows?

Another true story is this. While the people on the screen were conjuring up curses or whatever, there was a lady outside conjuring up a swell of dust. When I say a swell, I mean all the dust in the world.

See, the outside of my apartment (I live on the ground floor for context – because I’m down to earth) is unpaved so a lot of dust settles there. My landlord, bless his heart, noticed this and employed this lady to deal with the problem. You know, clean up a bit. Isn’t he thoughtful? Sure enough, the lady he got comes by on Saturday afternoons or Sunday mid-morning to do her thing.

She came by yesterday and it was like we had a double portion of dust this time. As she cleaned, it rose around her like a disturbed beast and somehow made its way inside my living room through the air vents. It swirled around in the house like a swarm of bees minus the buzz, it touched everything like some unholy spirit contaminating my home. Now, my body doesn’t like dust – I have an adverse reaction to it- and I tried to find a way to get rid of it. But, as you may know, you can’t get rid of dust without opening up the windows, and judging from the scene outside, I could not do that.  Picture a fog but brown and deadly. Picture a sandstorm. I don’t even know how that woman left this place alive. She didn’t even have a mask on!

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It took some time before the dust settled outside and I could open up the windows for ventilation. We were fine for a while but at 11 pm I felt some type of way. I decided to vacuum the entire house. Eve was like, “Si you do that tomorrow.”

I was like, “I can’t sleep knowing I’ll wake up to this.”

And so I cleaned. I cleaned and cleaned and because I was in a cleaning mood, I even did the dishes. Eve was asleep by this time, obviously. So were the cats. So it was just me and the dishes at midnight. That sounds like an awesome album title for an Indie band.

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Anyway, I’m writing this at 5 am and it still smells dusty here. In this particular room and I just want it to stop because my nose is tired of all this blowing.

Again, this isn’t important to you, but Eve is still asleep. Obviously.

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