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That First Post

Okay, this isn’t really my first blog post still I’m kind of antsy about this post. If you want to imagine what it feels like, picture yourself taking a cold shower. Those few moments of great distress because you don’t want the cold water anywhere near your body. Those few moments you bring back the Slide and the Kuku dance and if you just had some kapuka music blaring somewhere and you suddenly found yourself in the early 2000s you know you’d win whatever dance competition came your way.

Anyway, I don’t know why I’m nervous about this post. Maybe it’s because this is a new address. Maybe it’s because I have no idea what I want this blog to be about. In other words, I am lost here.

Truthfully speaking, the options I have are limitless and yet limited. I could apply myself and write about some serious issues affecting the people in this country. Things like land rates and the economy. Things like the ongoing [but (un)resolved?] teachers’ strike and why they should be paid or not. Things like how taxes as I have come to realize are a b*tch. I could do that. It can’t be that hard to blog about the news and give an opinion. My parents (and everyone else’s parents really) and the people who read newspapers in matatus always have opinions to give.
But news and current events for me are a tad bit meeeh.

I could blog about food. Apart from vegans,  everybody eats, right? I could stream and download episodes of Top Chef and write about them. I could steal recipes and post them here like they were my own. I could download pictures from the Internet showcasing the food I’d supposedly prepare. I could eat and write about that.

But naah.

I could showcase photography. But then I’d have to get a camera and I’d do that if only the government gave back the money they took from me in taxes.

No. No photography. I’m not Buoart.

Fashion? Ha! Don’t get me started.

I could do sports but…

A lifetime of being a science geek isn’t going to suddenly change just because I got a WordPress account. No. No sports.

Speaking of science, I’m an IT guy. I could tell you a thing or two about computers and Android devices. I have all kinds of data it can literally come out of my teeth. In Megabytes. *wink 😉 * (I have puns people. I have lots of puns)
I could hold on to this.

Or I could do reviews. Movies, games, books. Books are awesome by the way. The written word has some kind of power in it. Books can take you places. And they can cause you to be taken places you never wanted to be. Like a friend of mine who – not once, not twice – missed her stop when she was reading a book in a matatu. Another time she was on a train. She forgot to get off the train, people!

This blog could be about reviews. Maybe… We’ll see.

Or I could do it all and make this thing as random as heck. I don’t need categories. Sure categories are there for a reason lest there be total chaos in the classification of blogs. But that’s not my problem, is it? If I want to talk about puppies eating samosas as they play FIFA on an android device, I can do that, right?



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Comments: 5
  • Mutahi September 15, 2015 3:45 pm

    Yes you can 🙂

  • frauleinjedi September 20, 2015 7:42 pm

    Or you could just keep randomly blogging and ride out this wave of indecisiveness. We’ll call you ‘The Blog-trotter’ and this piece can be your first piece of chocolate cake 🙂 Yes? No? Yes? 😀

  • Jane July 19, 2016 11:16 am

    I am 10 months late (I counted) but better late than never, Yes?

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