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Quick Update

Hello you.

You’re a very loyal reader, aren’t you? I, unfortunately, am not a very good poster of things. Especially things that require spellcheck, but here we are, both of us, together. Alone…

Anyway, quick life update: I have not been spending time on this blog for several reasons.

  1. Writing is hard and I love to procrastinate.
  2. I am employed and although I am technically on strike, I am supposed to show up at the office every day. For some reason. It makes no sense.
  3. I have recently been hijacked by my younger self’s love of/for art.

I started drawing again in September. I say “again” because the last thing I drew that was art-related was when I was 13. Everything after that has been copied from a textbook or derived from random data. I’m in a technological field so the only things that are graphically appealing (apart from my desktop wallpapers which are super cool) are pie charts and graphs.

My current wallpaper. That I made. Because I am awesome.

See, I was watching YouTube videos and came across a channel where this dude named Benny does incredible photo manipulation projects using Photoshop. It looked so cool and I binged on his videos. If you’re interested in that kind of stuff, you can find his channel here. So me there I was, wanting to do the same thing and I can do a fraction of what he does. I mean, hello, do you not see that incredible wallpaper? But I wanted to learn more. I got myself a subscription to Skillshare and picked a photo manipulation course. It went okay but for some reason, my heart wasn’t in it, in it.

A few weeks after I finished that course, I was browsing YouTube again and I saw another dude, Sam. And Sam does arts – beautiful digital paintings with Photoshop. Again, I was intrigued and scurried back to Skillshare to find a course on digital painting. Because I didn’t look for one seriously, surprise, surprise, I didn’t find one.

Bitmoji Image

Instead, I reasoned in my head. Like, “Mark, don’t you think that in order to be able to draw and/or paint in Photoshop, you should be able to actually draw?”

To which I replied, “Of course I know how to draw.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do. And I shall prove it!”

So I drew this.

In my defense, hands are really hard to draw. Ask anyone.

And so began my pencil journey.

It has been two months now, so the progress isn’t all that great but I’m having fun drawing every day. I know I should be writing every day but sadly, at this moment, the pencil has won over the pen. Sorry.

So far, I have opened a DeviantArt account which you can view here and also from the menu if you want to see my art stuff. I post most of it on Instagram as well. There’s an icon somewhere on this page (at the top, most likely).

That’s it for now. I haven’t experienced much of the world in the last two months so nothing unusual has happened. Nothing else to document. Please enjoy this before and after drawing of Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

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