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Procrastination (A Short Story)

Hi guys.

Last week I had exams so I couldn’t post anything here. Sorry. These things happen. Can we move on? Am I forgiven?

Forgive me
Cause I never meant to hurt you
I always believed in love
And I only wish that was enough

(Easy FM)

Sorry for that too.


Chapter 1 – The Friends You Keep

I have great friends. The kind of friends you wouldn’t be ashamed to say are your friends. The kind of friends you can make your groomsmen (and groomslady) at your wedding. The kind of friends who look good in suits.

One of these friends is called Shad. You may know him. He writes here sometimes. Other times we work in the same office.

He’s a good guy, that Shad fellow. Sometimes he advises me. Sometimes he makes me waste my time.

Don’t gasp, dude. You know it’s true.

See, I’m a pretty responsible person. I like working on what I’m supposed to be working on. Wise, dependable, all that good stuff.

And I’m humble too.

Lol. No, I’m not. Humble people don’t tell others that they’re humble. Remember that.

So, I have an inkling about what I have to do and when I’m supposed to do it. I know that at times I need to work on that MS Excel file. Boring as Excel is. I think Excel is a prison because it has so many cells. And maybe that’s why I always push forward that job.

Other times, I know when I’m supposed to write a new blog post but you guys have come to expect a funny story but nothing interesting has happened to me all week. And no one ever gives suggestions on what to write about. That would make this so much easier but…

That’s when Shad comes in and gives me some advice or steers me wrong.


Chapter 2 – Office WiFi

The Internet is a wonderful thing but if you stay here too long you won’t get very much done. There’s always a movie/series to watch, an album to stream or…

“There’s a new Asphalt,” Shad says. “Asphalt 9.”

“Uh huh,” I say.

“But they have their server online. I think it’s to prevent people from hacking it like you used to hack Asphalt 8.”

“I never hacked anything,” I retort.

“Dude, you downloaded the game and bought all the cars in five minutes.”

In faux shock, “No I didn’t!”

“You were banned four times.”


Image result for i dont recall


In half an hour I had the game downloaded.

I think it’s much better than its predecessor. Why? Because I’m still playing it and I have good taste.


Chapter 3 – Strangers on the Internet

“You guy. You can join a club in this version and reap rewards.” Shad tells me.

“I need to write something for this week,” I reply. “I’ll check it out later. Also, when did you start using the word ‘reap’?”

Ignoring me, “WAU! I unlocked the La Ferrari ha ha!”

Then I joined a club and here we are four weeks later. That post I was telling Shad about? Still a draft somewhere. I don’t even know what I was writing about. What I do know is that there’s someone in the UK somewhere who plays this game so much that I just pick up Club Milestones just like that. I think this is how the stock market works. The downside is, I still have to play to keep my club position. The other downside is I started reading a book four weeks ago and I haven’t finished it. But I don’t blame the game for that. I blame the author, he likes cliffhangers and the next book comes out in a year. He thinks he’s George RR Martin.

Upside? Shad and I have gotten so good at the game that clubs actually invite us to join. We made it! I always wanted to play professional sports (only without actually going outside and running).


Chapter 4 – The Epic Conclusion

Si… I finish this some other time? Ama?

I still have that Excel file to work on. 











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