Pills and Potions

And therefore, it so happened that after gathering up all the dust in the world in my lungs, I got congestion. I could hardly breathe yesterday at work. I felt lost. Confused. Disoriented. Every now and again, I called out for just one piece of Kikuyu footwear. A choo!

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Just because I’m suffering doesn’t mean I can’t pun.

Anyway (there’s that word again), I consumed a bountiful amount of hot fluids and I feel much better today. The air also seems much crisper. I feel like everything should smell like mint today. Please, thank the Lord for the ability to breathe. It is a blessing.


Another blessing that practically fell into my lap – because my wife threw it on my lap – was a pack of Flu-Gone pills. Now, I’m one of those Christians who believe in taking the problem to Jesus. He is the one who’s in the healing business. I don’t like taking medication, is what I’m saying. But jana though, I sought the Lord and He heard me and He made Eve give me Flu-Gones. I took them with thanksgiving.

But I’m also a man, which means I rarely read what’s on the box. I didn’t know those pills were sedatives. They cause drowsiness, people! How did no one ever mention this to me given that I have on more than one occasion bought these things for others? This should have been public knowledge by now. There I was, minding my own business watching an art show on YouTube, and suddenly – BAM! There I wasn’t.

Sometimes I wish Eve had super strength so she could carry me from the couch to the bed. Like a toddler. Like… get this… her baby.


But alas, she is not. So I had to drag my drugged behind to bed myself. It felt like the longest walk of my life – which is saying something because I’ve done the Longonot hike thing.

Anyway, I can breathe again and I’m grateful. I’m still on drugs as I write this so I don’t know if I’ll get anything done at the office today. But at least you got this blog post, right?



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