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Mr Sandman

You know those days you have when you feel like you can take over the world? Those days you are just a beacon of productivity and you feel like starting a podcast to let people know just how productive you are? The days your teachers in high school longed to see?

Well, I didn’t have that kind of day.

Yesterday, after trying and failing to file my taxes in the morning, I thought I’d have this immeasurable amount of time to do stuff. Make the world a better place. I had it all planned out in that diary of mine. But alas! Twas all for naught.

I fell asleep at 7 am. Remember, I woke up at 3 just in case you missed that post. That meant I had an extra four hours in the day. Do you know what a man can do in four hours? Quite a bit. At the very least I could have watched one of the Lord of the Rings movies or Titanic or that Snyder cut of Justice League. But do you know what this man did?

He watched YouTube videos. Granted they are for research purposes (I do need to make better videos IMO) but still, the thing that got me was that after all this “research” (I don’t know why I put that in quotes) I had a whole day planned. But who is the Sandman?

He punched me in the face. Twice! I went deep into a blackout state and ended up waking at 1 pm. 1 freaking pm. I gained four hours only to lose six! So in all I lost two hours. Maybe in that time I could have discovered the cure for cancer! (Well, probably not, but maybe the cure for procrastination)

Anyway, today, I am hoping for another productive day. And I am watching out for that Sandman guy…

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