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The opening line of any story is the hardest to write. At least that’s what’s true for me. I pretty much have the ending to La Bel all set up (spoiler alert – it may end in tears 😉) but getting there needs time and a whole lot of chapters. 

Now that I think about it, this could have been a book or at least a novella. That would have been quite the milestone, right? But silly me thought I’d have this done in like four posts. I’m trying not to rush the story though because some of you can see right through that. And some of you are bold enough to tell me that and that would make me uber uncomfortable. 

I hate conflict, by the way. 

Anyway, I’m writing this to commemorate my last day in my 20s. The last thing I write as a 29-year-old (unless you send me a text before midnight and I text you back). Gosh, the 20s went by fast – I’m still jamming to music from 2018! There’s apparently almost three years of music I have absolutely no idea about. 

Still, God is good. I’ll catch up on that music now that Spotify has deemed us worthy of their services. I particularly enjoy (much to my surprise) their gengetone Playlists. Who knew a song by people calling themselves Mbuzi Gang would be one of my favorite songs? I certainly did not.

Here’s to level 30. I shall be wiser in this new decade and try to be more consistent with this writing thing. I want to set up a day to just let all the story out on paper and not make you wait weeks till the next installment. That’ll probably be from next Saturday though. This Saturday I’m binging The Last Airbender. 

So, thank you for your patience. Molly will be back soon.

Also, send money. I want that whole fudge cake from Java.

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  1. Promise you’ll write more?….please?.
    Also;love and light as you turn a year older.we love you!

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