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Leave This in 2018


I’ll try to keep it short today since the year is just beginning and I don’t want to scare you off with a long post.

Lol. That’s what he said.


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It’s that time of the year where we look back on our lives and try to see where we can make changes. Where we can improve ourselves. Where we can be better. What we can keep doing or what we can file under “Leave this in 2018”.

I’ve shared my resolutions here before. I wasn’t married when I posted them here though. Some might change some may not. Let’s revisit:

  1. Lose weight Get fit
  2. Get a girlfriend Become a good/better husband
  3. Stop comparing myself to other people. Seriously, stop it, Mark.
  4. Watch less more TV Series and Movies and read more books. To be fair, I haven’t seen that many series or movies because I am a hoarder of such things. I hoard but never watch. I have everything ever produced on my computer/Hard drive but alas, I never have the time (read motivation) to watch anything. Why am I like this? I have read 5 books since December 31st 2018 though. I’m so proud of myself. Aren’t you proud of me?
  5. Write a post once a week. Fingers crossed.
  6. Be more truthful. Be less truthful. More accurately, answer less questions.
  7. Procrastinate less. Umm…
  8. Be less sarcastic. Umm…
  9. Spend less time on the phone. To be fair again, most of my books are on my phone sooo…No.
  10. Be less sarcastic. Of course, he said sarcastically.

I’m not perfect. Neither are you.

But in the quest towards perfection, can I give the ladies just one teensy bit of advice? The one thing you can leave in 2018. It’s very small. Won’t cost you a thing. Are you out there, darling wife? This includes you too.

The one thing you may leave in 2018 is one question. It drives me (and men, in general) up the wall. The question is this:

“What do you want for dinner/lunch/breakfast?”

“Tutakula nini leo?”

“Where do you want us to go eat?”

And other variations of the question.

I don’t know why that question bugs me. Maybe it’s because whatever my answer is, it’s wrong. I can’t say “I don’t know” without someone being angry. I can’t say “Fries” because they interfere with resolution #1. And if I happen to say something other than Fries, say chapati, the next question will be “Chapati with what?”

I can’t make all the decisions here, woman. We’re a team!

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Anyway, rambling aside, literally anything you cook/order is fine. We won’t complain because:

  1. We’re eating so we’re happy.
  2. You actually made a decision without asking me that question.

And if/when we do want something else for dinner/lunch/breakfast, we’ll just tell you without you having to ask. It’s the question we want to avoid.

Leave the question in 2018, ladies. Try it for a week. If you’re happier, add another week. Then a month. A year. Your entire life!

We won’t complain.



Addition: My wife just read this draft (as she does all my posts) and tonight I’m sleeping on the couch. I don’t mind. It’s like camping but with a TV! I may catch up on a series. “All things work together for good to them that love the LORD.” Hallelujah!



Comment: 1
  • Tall Minion January 26, 2019 1:16 pm

    ????Hallelujah!! That kasmall addition really cracked me up. But camping with TV still works. ?

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