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Journal Entry #1 [TGIF]

I’ve recently gone back to class to study some stuff. Some illustration here, writing there, a ‘how to not kill the person walking slowly in front of you in town’ class there; lots of stuff. One of those classes, the writing one most probably (although they’re all pretty similar, to be honest), suggests keeping a journal. A practical way to jot down one’s thoughts and jumpstart one’s creativity.

I don’t know what those people are smoking but here goes nothing.

It’s a Friday. Fridays in this house usually spark joy for me. One would think that I enjoy Fridays because the weekend is starting and that’s wonderful since I’m usually super excited to wake up late on a Saturday morning. Unfortunately, I wake up earlier on Saturday than I do on weekdays. I don’t know why. This body betrays me a lot and I’m thinking of calling the manufacturer for a replacement.


Ignoring my Saturday woes, I like Fridays because I get to have chocolate!


I love chocolate and I could eat it all day, every day. However, indulging in sweets is frowned upon due to all this exercise stuff I’ve been doing. Still, my love for the cacao bean remains. And I love that Eve does not love chocolate – meaning this bar I have is mine and mine alone!

Bitmoji Image

Speaking of Eve, she’s in the kitchen making chapos and that makes this particular Friday even more special. Chapos and chocolate. The life exotic.

In other news, Zabimaru (the new cat) has been exiled from the kitchen. Apparently, he wants to hang by Eve’s apron but as much fun as it is for him to swing his little tail off, Eve can’t be an effective chapo maker if she’s also functioning as an amewsment park.

Get it?

A mews…


So here I am sitting with the cat (the other cat, Chris Brown, asleep somewhere) trying to write coherent sentences as he bites my fingers and sits on my keyboard.

I think he’s mad. Mad that he’s not apron swinging right now.

My life may be in danger.



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