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How to Start a YouTube Channel


What’s happening? How are you doing?

Good? Good!

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So last time I mentioned that I might want to start making video content. I sat with that idea for a while (as you can clearly see), and decided, ‘Yeah. Maybe I’m going to do that.’ Trouble is, what in the world would I make video content about? I haven’t done enough drawings for cool time-lapses so what do I do?

And it hit me!

I’m currently on my creative learning journey and maybe someone somewhere would want to know what that journey is like in real-time – instead of, you know, looking for inspiration from an already established person who has 700 million subscribers.

That’s not helpful at all. 

So this post is about starting a YouTube channel. I’m going to take you through exactly what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. Starting with actually searching How To Start A YouTube Channel on YouTube.

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Disclaimer: That was what I wanted to do but I didn’t end up doing it. These things happen.


Now, something you might not know about me is that I am a sponge. I love LOVE soaking in info from wherever and hoarding it and maybe using it as ammunition one day. Most of the info I have is unhelpful but it’s still there, waiting, lurking, longing to lunge out of the dark pits of despair in my mind. 


And thus, I watched several hours of YouTubers telling me how I can start my own channel. First of all, I thought it was a bit sketchy how people can just tell you their secrets. What are they getting in return? Is this a scam? Sort of. I kind of deciphered their scheme. See, everyone wants to start a successful YouTube channel. Everyone! Having videos about this very topic would be (and is) very popular.

I got a lot of good content from this deep dive but there was this one guy who wasted my time trying to woo me with immediate monetization – but only if I followed his affiliate program. I know a pyramid scheme when I see one. 


Once that was done, I set out to try and create a logo animation for my intro – because I’m not a barbarian. I thought it would take just a little bit of time to do so. Get out the old Adobe After Effects and play with the layers I found there. Simple stuff, or so I thought. I did not get to do that simple stuff because that simple stuff was simply not doable. 

table flip

At least not by me. So I gave up on that idea and called my brother. He knows how to do these things and I think it’s important to use the resources you have to accomplish goals. Plus, he’s my younger brother and I can exploit him. 

I would also like to take this time to tell you that it is sometimes good to quit some things. Don’t listen to the motivational speakers who tell you not to quit. For example, if you’re in a toxic job/relationship, quit. If you’re starting to make a YouTube video and you need to focus on the actual video and not the After Effects of it all, quit (After Effects, not the video). If you have an unhealthy attachment to smoke, quit. Imagine someone telling you not to give up on tobacco… 



I’m sure my brother will make a nice motion graphic for me. He hasn’t yet, but I’m sure he will.

So, what did I learn? Well, most of the videos told me to just start. And if you’re on this same journey, the advice is the same, Just Start. It seems very daunting, very undoable and there are a lot of thoughts that will be in your head – I have those same thoughts right now. Will this video be good enough? Will anyone ever watch it? Must I master the algorithm first? What will my mother think? All that good stuff. 

Truth is, your first videos will probably suck. My video probably sucks! I don’t have a fancy camera, fancy lights, or audio equipment, and I’m in a spare bedroom that has all the echoes and quite the water damage. But that’s step one. Just do it. 

Step two is to make good thumbnails. A good thumbnail will get you clicks and clicks get you views and so on. Also, have a good title. Something catchy that ensnares the masses. 

At least that’s what they said. 

Here’s my sad first attempt at YouTube. Don’t laugh at me, I’m sensitive.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you enjoy the video too.  I’m still learning how to talk to a camera (or in this case my phone) so apologies for the awkwardness. Also for the audio… cringe.

Also, yes, I do have a twang on camera. I just found out too.

Let’s do some art stuff together, yes? Doesn’t that sound nice? 

okay bye



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