Gone Fishing

Hi there.

Man, would you look at all these cobwebs… Sorry, the place is in such a state. I have abandoned it for a long time. I won’t say I’m back because I have a history of not keeping my word. Sorry, again. But I came to see if the caretaker ran away with my stuff.

Most of it is still here but I had lots of updates to install. You might know this already but behind every post is a weird-looking back end. There are plugins, themes, settings, and payment plans. Things that a writer shouldn’t have to care about but yet here we are. But you don’t care about this, do you? You want stories. And I’m going to give you one.

Just not today. I didn’t carry my notebook today and there’s a story in there that I wrote before my world became too busy. It’s from one of the prompts in the prompt book and it’s about a chicken farm. I wrote it down on paper but I was too lazy to type it out. Or too scared. Or too busy. I’m always too something and I want that to stop. I want to find time to do things I enjoy. Like watching a movie or reading a book or writing a story. But I have been too busy learning. There’s so much information out there guys, OMG! So much. And Squid Game season 2 is coming – I’m not going to watch it but it’s coming! I need more hours in my day.

I also need to sleep more because my doctor says so.

Anyway, enough about that.

Did you know that the price of tissue paper has ballooned? That’s a funny word… ballooned.

birthday ballon

I’ll be back.

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