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I really don’t know what to write about today but I did promise that I would write. So I’m just going to word puke all over this page. Bear with me.

I just did a workout. Did I want to do the workout? No! But I did and I am proud of myself for that. Abs, here we come! Other than that, there’s a sketchbook tour video currently going on in the background because nowadays, it is almost impossible to be alone with my thoughts and I think that’s a sad thing. It’s doubly sad because I can’t give this creator the time she deserves now that I know how much it takes to make and upload a video online.

Shorts and reels and Tiktoks take even longer, ironically. Like how? You’re 30 seconds long, how can you take me 2 hours to edit?

Anyway, I told you (yesterday?) that the neighbors are back. One of the neighbors came back with his nephews and nieces and they’re currently outside kicking around a football (a soccer ball for my non-metric system friends). The older one has a very loud voice and he’s doing his best impression of a sports commentator. His character is apparently called Fernandez (pronounced Frrrrrrrrrrnandez!) and for the last hour, every thought in my brain was Frrrrrrrrnandez! The number of Rs in the name changes every time.

So here I am, in the living room because, I don’t want to be in the office today -it’s a non-office kind of day- surrounded by the loud sound of a YouTube video and Frrrrrrnandez!  outside and a really annoying thought in my head that’s yelling, “YOU NEED TO WRITE TODAY!”

Yep, that’s it. 280 words of nothing. Sorry if I wasted your time. But you know what’s NOT a waste of time?

“Watch, he’s going to say his YouTube channel.

I am not!

“Yes, he will. Just keep reading. It’s coming…”

Dear unbeliever, I am not going to mention my YouTube channel in this one. I was just about to let you know that I made a wallpaper for you guys. If you want it, of course. I took one of my art pieces and Frankensteined it together to give you a January calendar wallpaper. In 4K. That’s three times as many Ks as I have in my name! If you want it, you can redeem it here. For FREE!

Also… Like really? You haven’t subscribed to my YouTube yet?

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  • Mercy Nimo January 9, 2023 10:36 pm

    I’m glad you wrote today, this was the type of content I needed to see today.
    I’d more love neighbour- blogs. Your neighbours sound like a very interesting bunch, I’ve gathered this from your few posts on them.

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