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First of all, this isn’t about the drink so don’t come for me Coca-Cola (in case they’re reading this of course).

I just woke up, a bit later than usual. Usual being 5 am and a bit late being 8:30 am. I’m still in bed as I type this on my phone. It’s bright and sunny but in my head it is dark and gloomy and I’m back in school.

I don’t know if it’s high school or university because I’m in my school uniform but I have a cellphone (which high school disallows) and I’m talking with a friend I made in university. Anyway, for some reason we’re on this huge bus (probably going on a trip) and the bus driver’s name is Fanta.

And because my brain makes weird connections, the music playing in the bus is titled Fantasy (that’s the only lyric that I can make out, everything else is gibberish) and it sounds like something Doja Cat would produce but to my knowledge I don’t listen to Doja Cat.

Anyway, there we are in the bus, like 50 of us. And we take a tour unlike any other. We drive on actual mountains- the descents are wild! – and into valleys and through the wrong side of traffic. And we hit a pickup truck that’s in our way until we reach the destination. An abandoned flat enclosed in a tall wall, the ground muddy as heck. We each have to find a room and inside that room, waiting for us is something dark. Something sinister. Something that has a knife and is thirsty for blood…

I probably shouldn’t tell this story in its unrefined state. Anyway, good morning.

I hope you have a great day! 👍🏾

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  • Mercy January 12, 2023 12:14 pm

    You’re really good at painting pictures through words, no matter how fuzzy the scenario is.

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