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Dear Diary

Chapter Five

April 17th, 2020

Dear Diary,

It has been an absolute joy having Molly around the house these past few days. The last time we had company… Well, that was a long time ago. I have been feeling lonely in this big house all by myself. The help is cordial but I can’t have conversations with them. Sure, I can call my friends… But are they still my friends after all this time? What would I say to them? Hi, I’m sorry to have shut myself from the world for the last few years, but enough about me, how are you?

I can’t do that Diary.

Talking to Molly though has been refreshing. A day or two after Frank brought her she mostly stayed in the guest suite. Odhis brought her her meals and her medication but she did not step out of that room. But even the most lavish bedrooms can get uncomfortable – this I know all too well. On day three, Molly went to explore the garden. 

I confess I have never been one for Frank and Eunice’s schemes, but when I first saw Molly in the light of the midmorning sun, walking along the lines of yellow roses, she looked divine. I thought she would make a very beautiful bride for David. The dress she wore, that I had picked out, by the way, looked wonderful on her. 

I called her over to where I sat and Odhis served us tea while we talked. Molly spoke of her upbringing and I shared a little of mine. She asked how Frank and I met and I told her all I could without bringing up Temple. Frank gets really angry whenever I don’t watch myself and say too much and scare the girls away. I won’t do that this time. The fifth time is the charm.

I did mention to her that David is a strapping young man, and would be so lucky if someone like Molly cast a favorable gaze in his direction. She blushed at this and sipped her tea. I do hope that Odhis remembered to mix in the ash. Frank always says that it takes a few tries for the stuff to work (and that it varies from person to person) but I don’t want to be the reason it doesn’t. I showed her several pictures of David and on one of them, I can almost swear that I saw her lick her lips. She could have been savoring the taste of the tea or the cakes that we were snacking on but I could see a hint of something in her eyes. Yes, we want Molly to fall for David though I still don’t understand how that works since she hasn’t even met him. Frank says that the spell is to ensure that once they do meet, there are sparks. “We can’t interfere more than that,” he says. “We have to make sure they have chemistry. The rest is up to David.” Honestly, the more I think about how it works, the more of a headache I get. 

All in all, that lick of the lips seems to be a step in the right direction. It isn’t all-out love but lust is good. Lust is a gateway. A foot in the door. 

It is all so very exciting, Diary. The thought of my son finally settling down with someone. The thought of his wedding. The thought of grandbabies. I could squeal right into these pages! 

Molly and David will meet tomorrow night after he and Frank finish up at Temple. It will be the 18th and a Sabbath. They should both be in high spirits by then. May our god be praised.

– Catherine.


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