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Chester is a Boy’s Name

It’s 1:43 pm and I’m on the roof of my apartment complex (which is a generous name for where I live). This place that was empty for most of the Christmas holidays is starting to fill up again.

It sucks!

I don’t mind the neighbors. We mostly keep to ourselves here, everyone minding his/her own business. Before I go on, can we talk freely about this pronoun thing? I’ve been silent on it since its inception but it has started creeping into the books I read. The flagrant use of they and them and their… it’s confusing AF! There’s this book that I started reading and I was excited about it because the author had selected like a hundred of us to send the arc to. I forgot what arc meant but it’s basically an advanced copy of the book before it officially launches.

Anyway, in this book there’s an android character. The narrator tells us that it’s genderless but kind of looks like David Bowie or how Harry Styles wants to look. The androgynous look of the late 70s and 80s. She (the narrator) names it Chester – which is a boy name by my understanding – but gives it a they/them pronoun.

I let that slide. It’s okay, right? It is a contemporary American novel anyway. BUT! Chester was never alone in a scene, no he was not… He was hosting a Hunger Games-esque thing with 100 participants. I recall this particular line in the book, “Chester raised their hands and said…” Keep in mind that Chester had telekinetic powers so Chester could raise anything. So whose hands did Chester raise? Its own, the 100 people’s hands? Whose?

Anyway, the neighbors are back and they’re making the Wi-Fi slow.



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  • Mercy Nimo January 8, 2023 3:01 pm

    I’m also confused reading this. I don’t even understand why they’d want to make English harder than it already is

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