Hey you. How'd you end up here? The content is on the other side.

Honestly... Can't take you anywhere...
Anyway, I like your curiosity. And since you're already here, check me out on these other platforms.


I recently canceled my Netflix subscription. It was time and it had to be done. I wasn’t using it correctly anyway and the shows I’m now into are Kdramas. Everything else is trash.

How to Plan Your Day

Hey, you…

Well, I’d like to think that I have all the answers to most of the questions this world holds, but I don’t. But what I do know is that I am several posts into doing what I set out to do.

Upgrades Part II

Let me start by saying sorry. Remember that time when I apparently sent you like 37 emails? Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I clicked a button on the back end of my WordPress and stuff happened. Weird out-of-my-control type of stuff and you were caught in the crosshairs. 

My bad.

Gone Fishing

Hi there.

Man, would you look at all these cobwebs… Sorry, the place is in such a state. I have abandoned it for a long time. I won’t say I’m back because I have a history of not keeping my word. Sorry, again. But I came to see if the caretaker ran away with my stuff.

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