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It’s always a fun time when my sleep gets interrupted by the sound of wailing. Wailing so loud and vile you want to throw something out the window and that something is my Zabimaru. Each day I wake up to him basically screaming his black tail off at 5 am. He actually wants to go outside and we don’t want him to experience that kind of freedom – which makes it hard for me to fulfill the whole throwing him out the window fantasy. It sounds harsh but Zabs is currently under house arrest and will remain under house arrest for the foreseeable future. His adventures outside have brought us nothing but dirt and blackjack and fleas and frankly, we are just done with that crap. So inside he stays. Sue me.

Chris Brown is no better. Sure she’s milder but at unruly hours of the morning, she starts scratching at doors like she’s trapped with a monster. Which to be fair, she is since Zabs has taken to terrorizing her a bit since he can’t go outside. But what’s a cat daddy to do but to awaken and serve the animals? They usually calm down a bit after a meal and that gives me the opportunity to sit down and scroll through Instagram. Or, on some rare occasions like today, to write.

Bitmoji Image

This is more of a drawing illustration but it will have to do.

Recently, I decided to be more organized. Get my life in order and all that jazz. I downloaded a To-do app and loaded it up with the things I need to do in a day. Turns out there are a lot of things I need to do in a day and I never realized I was overloading myself until I wrote it all down. Anyway, writing sits at the top of that list, proudly scheduled for 6 in the morning daily. Why? Well, all the writing classes and seminars I have taken advise that one should write early in the morning when the mind is fresh (and you probably had a cool dream you can exploit as soon as you wake up). This is still just a suggestion though. If you are a writer, write at a time convenient for you. It could be midday, it could be midnight, it could be three in the morning. Do you. I have decided to try writing at 6 am when the urge and the guilt take me. Currently, I write things down in my notebook because I know that if I turn on my computer I will end up on YouTube. I spend a lot of time on YouTube. That’s sad. But if you have any recommendations for cool channels I would appreciate it if you put them down in the comments.


Many thanks

Otherwise, I’m doing great! Nothing much has been happening unless you want to hear about my drawing tutorials. Or how I’m trying to decide whether to construct heads using the Loomis method or the Reilley method. Maybe you would like to know how to study anatomy? Anatomy for artists, not the Grey kind.

This leads me to something I never thought I’d say here. I, Mark Wambugu, have stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy. Shocking, I know. I was a fan. A huge fan. But I think Shonda has milked that particular cow for too long. Eighteen seasons to be exact (and news that it has been renewed for the nineteenth). I feel like I was one of the few remnants of that show and if they have managed to lose me then they are doomed. I have a huge sense of self-importance, I know. But 18 seasons is 18 years. Grey’s Anatomy can vote in the upcoming elections. It can get married and own property. It has to start paying NHIF. So, sadly (or with annoyance) I ended my relationship with Meredith Grey. Time of death: S18E02. She’s going off to cure Parkinson’s Disease. I wish her well. Don’t really care about the other characters – Shonda’s gonna kill them all off probably.

And in other news, I got a book called 101 Horror Writing Prompts. I think I want to challenge myself to complete at least half of them and they would give me a reason to write. It’s like composition class back in the day. I loved compositions – hated inshas. I finished the very first prompt yesterday and will be posting the story as well as the prompt here. Let me know if you would enjoy reading these.

let me know

The comment section is a lonely place, guys. Use it. Please?

Otherwise (this word is so easy to use and abuse) I hope you’re doing well and much better than I am because apart from the usual shenanigans my cats put me through, today they decided to descend upon one of my books. I say they but I know it’s Chris Brown. She took the book from my shelf and opened it with her teeth. She completely destroyed a page. It was a blank page, thankfully, and I don’t really like the book to be honest, but still. Who does that? Why would she do that?


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  • Mercy February 24, 2022 10:57 am

    First of all, I haven’t been able to read your past 3 blog posts since the link led to a “this page isn’t secure” page.
    Second, you don’t know how good it is to see that I’m not the only one struggling with writing, it is very hard!!
    I’m actually in a writing class, 2 assignments in and I want to give up already.
    I’d also recommend pilot bambi’s YouTube channel if you’re into small planes n scenic views
    Lastly, CB has really grown, say hi to both of them.

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