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Hi there. Happy New Year.

Usually, I begin January blogs with a post about resolutions.

I’d write something like: Make healthier dietary choices or go to the gym or read more. But I won’t do that this year. Maybe that’s the resolution – to stop making resolutions.

So, I’m just going to jump right in.

If you recall, long ago I told you that Eve and I like doing random stuff in the kitchen. I mentioned something about burnt sausage and how that situation is not at all ideal. Eve and I do those random culinary experiments on what we call Kitchen Saturdays although Eve interprets it as ‘That one day of the week where my husband deals with all the cooking and cleaning’.

As you can see, her version isn’t a very appealing title and she needs to work on naming things.

One of these past Kitchen Saturdays we had these fruity things.

My mum and dad visited and brought them over. I never knew the name of this fruit until recently (I don’t even know what we used to call them) but now I know they’re called cape gooseberries – this either means that they were first discovered in one of our four African capes OR that they used to be a super fruit.

Now that I think about it, those husks they come in sort of look like capes… ?

Mum and dad brought a lot of cape gooseberries with them. Too many. By the time they left, we hadn’t even finished a quarter of them so Eve and I decided to do something with them before they rotted right before our eyes.

I struggled not writing our very eyes up there. I have failed you Mrs. Nyamu from class 5.

We decided to make jam

And here’s how you can make your very own with your own fruit of choice. (Probably not bananas though. Or avocados. Avocados can do a lot of things but jam is not one of them.)

Step One

Clean the fruit thoroughly as you sort out the ripe ones, the unripe ones and the ones you need to throw away immediately.

Step Two

This step is optional but we took it anyway. We blended the choice berries.

We didn’t peel them for this but if you have the time, you can do whatever you want. And we only blended them roughly – for like six seconds. When I say we, I mean me – Just in case the whole Kitchen Saturday thing passed you by up there.

Step Three.

In a saucepan, we added a cup of water and a half a cup of sugar and brought it to a boil. Once the sugar dissolved we added in the blended fruit and brought that mixture to a boil.

Step Four

For a coagulating agent (thickener), we used a tablespoon of cornstarch. For those who don’t know, you’re supposed to mix the cornstarch with a little bit of water and make a solution so that you don’t get lumps in whatever it is you’re making. Be it jam or soup or stew.

Step Five

Let the final product cool before packaging. For the number of berries we had, we made two jars of jam.

And there it is. Imagine it was that easy. Buying already made jam is easier, but you probably wasted your jam money in December. Our jam was the bees’ knees though. It’s too bad I stopped buying bread.

Still, if you came over and brought a loaf along with you, we could live a Bob Marley fantasy.

Because we Jammin.


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