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Blue Shoes

Sometimes when a man sits quietly in his home, he gets weird thoughts. Most of those are drawn from distant memories that honestly should have been formatted long ago.

Other times, a man sits quietly in his house and watches Netflix. This is one of those times. I have spent 64 hours (not really) watching this Toy Boy soap opera and I cannot believe it. This thing was a clear cut story and it seemed to have a logical conclusion but nooooooo… Netflix just had to set up things for a Season 2. Why can’t a series just end?

Anyway, how’s quarantine treating you? I just feel like I’m on leave. And I know you might be asking yourself, “Mark, you spend your leave time in the house?”

To which I would reply, “Kencell.”

“Kencell?” You’d ask.

And I would say, “‘The answer is Yes!'”

Then you’d probably hit me with an Nkt or perhaps an open palm. But that would be fine because it is the reaction I’d have hoped for.

Anyway, now that that soap is over, I stared tidying up (actually tidying up and not that Netflix show ‘Tidying Up’). So I wipe down the surfaces, water the plants and change the cat’s litter box (if you follow my Instagram you’d know I have a cat now)…

… and put my shoes away. My blue pair of shoes which I love. I don’t know when I started my blue shoe fetish but remember way back in the first line of this post? That sometimes a man just wonders? Well, I figure it began with my very first pair of blue Skechers. They were the perfect shoe for 13 year old me and I enjoyed wearing them for the 2 weeks I had them. They were stolen one night at home. They were chilling in the cool Kajiado air that night, maybe hoping to go for a walk the next day when my dainty feet came through the door. We never went for that walk and since then I have never let shoes spend the night in the cold.

I think also that since I never got to experience the full gamut of a blue pair of shoes in my formative years, I carry around that yearning till now and fawn over blue shoes every chance I get. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is my blue shoes are dying.

There are holes developing in the soles (which is a great testament of how much I love these shoes) and I am saddened. Now I have to get new ones but all the mtumba places are shut down and even if they were not, I’d need a mask to board a matatu and I ain’t got time for that. I’ll just weep and pray that once this pandemic is over I’ll find another good pair that I can weep over once they too inevitably die.

In other news, Eve says hi.

Happy Easter.

This episode was brought to you by bed pillows – one is too low but two are too high. Normal programming shall resume (hopefully) next week. By the way, did you guys like the Kava story? Did you even read it?

Did you?

Did you?

Did – okay I’m going.

Have a blessed week.

Comments: 7
  • richie'spad April 13, 2020 11:24 am

    Kids from 2000+ won’t understand that Kencell thing????

    Aaand, I’ll leave it to the ladies to awww themselves to death over the cat. Kava reminded me of this new series of Abel Mutua, Anda Kava?

    Anyways, take care man and greet Eve for us?

  • Brainchild April 13, 2020 4:24 pm

    I did read Kava. I think you should have put a hyperlink on the name Kava so that those who didn’t just press and go straight to it.
    What’s your shoe size?

  • Brainchild April 13, 2020 4:48 pm

    What a way to go into quarantine. Sasa mi nnauliza, si you can work from home and bring us more quality content as you always do.
    If all our writers stop writing we won’t have anything to read yawa.
    I have a cat too, but the masculinity in me won’t allow me to type “awww…” on the comments. Lemme tag a sister.

  • Faith Chege April 15, 2020 7:52 pm

    And when they were all waiting for a sister to come along, she eventually did, but unfortunately this sister doesn’t like cats. Or dogs. Or pets. Only animals in the zoo which you can go visit and return to your normal life. I pray a sister will come and save you all with the “aaawwww” that that seemingly cute cat deserves. Thanks for this Mark, and yes, I did read Kava, and that ending nearly killed me. How do you end a story like that!? Just how? What can I say, I love happy endings, like the Kip story.

  • merde chronicles April 18, 2020 10:46 am

    A sister has arrived, a few days late but she comes bearing Aaaawwwws ???


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