Bella Ciao

I lost a friend last week. It was sudden, it was shocking, it was unbelievable.

She was a shining light in this dark world of ours. Her smile always lit up a room. Always. Her name was Bella Robi. She wrote a post here once and she was to write some more but I guess life got too busy. You can read her words here.

I was asked to say a few words about her at her send off, unfortunately, I never got to say anything. But I did write something in memory of her and I’d like to share that with you guys, if that’s okay.

The first thing I noticed about Bella was her voice. There was an event in school one time. I wasn’t going to go to it but at the last second I decided why not? Why not cast aside my antisocial ways just for an hour? I’m glad I went to that show. Bella’s voice had this angelic quality that carried around the room. I was in awe. I had to talk to this girl. But there was a problem – I was antisocial. So I ignored this burning desire to talk to her and her band mates.

Later in the week, I found out we had a statistics class together. So, I hatched a scheme to “pretend” there were some notes I was missing so kindly, could I borrow hers? This was a lie btw, because anyone who knows me knows I take impeccable notes.


Bella found this out later and we had a laugh about it.

When you talked to Bellah you always got lost in the conversation. Time stood still but went by even faster. She was a great listener and gave good advice and encouragement. She was kind. She was brilliant – sharper than any sharp thing that ever sharped. There was an exam I could have never passed if not for her help.

Later, when I joined the band, Bella and I sang many a duet together. We made many jokes. And we laughed. Goodness me, her laugh. It was infectious. It could give you goosebumps. It surrounded you like a warm hug and I kid you not, there were days we worked hard just to hear her laugh.

I’m going to miss that laugh.

Bella was a great friend..

I wish she were still here. Anyone who knew her wishes she were. But heaven is a really great place to be in and I’m confident we will see her again.

Fare well.

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