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Do you remember how yesterday I said that the post wasn’t about Fanta, the drink? Well, today it actually is about Baygon.

For those who haven’t a clue, Baygon is an aerosol insecticide spray. A multi-insect killer if the labeling on the can is to be believed. But before we get into this rant- because it’s basically a rant – I have a question. When we talk of a company as an entity, do we use a plural or a singular? For example, say Google wants to release a new app ( I used the singular there), is that more correct than Google want to release a new one? I’m more biased toward the singular but I could be wrong. What is your preference? Let me know.

Anyway, Baygon used to be owned by Bayer – I remember this because back in the day when mum and dad used to ferry us to school, there was a place along Jogoo Road? I don’t recall the road exactly but it’s in that general vicinity. That place had (still has) buildings almost dedicated to branding. I remember Bayer because you could spell it from left to right and from top to bottom with Y in the middle. I think that was their logo anyway. There was always a Baygon can painted somewhere close.

So I bought a can of this stuff recently. The second can I have ever bought as an adult. The first one I got was because I actually wanted to get Mortein Doom. However, Baygon had a promo – buy a can (the big one) and get the huge umbrella you can fit a family of five under. I always wanted such an umbrella though I do not know why. I’ve never used it by the way, it just sits in the corner of my home office, but having it is great!

Anywho, this giant can of bug spray makes its way home with me and I’m excited to use it because the mosquitoes were proliferating like crazy. I spray the stuff around and lo and behold, the problems begin!

First of all, there was a very glaring flaw with the nozzle. It sprayed out the stuff like a spitting cobra – one long stream of insecticide. It was like trying to hunt flies with a hosepipe.

Needless to say, I didn’t use that can for very long but hey, I got an umbrella out of it. So that’s something, I guess…

The second can I bought just a few days ago. I got a much smaller one this time around but it also came with a can of Raid (another promo). This one’s nozzle actually works and sprays correctly. That’s cool – it’s the little things…


While the nozzle works and the spray sprays, the actual chemical inside does not. I have sprayed the substance for two days now – directly on some unlucky spiders that have made one corner of my house their home – but the bugs are still alive. I suppose you could say that the spiders are actually arachnids and not insects, so their being alive is okay, I guess. But the mosquitoes are still alive! Still roaming about like the tiny vampires they are (which I do not mind by the way – drink my blood, sure but be quiet about it!).

At this point, I am convinced that Baygon is just lemon water. I’m out here refreshing these pests with premium hydration instead of killing them. Vegans must be behind this.

I’m also scared of using the Raid now. I mean, they came together and the Raid was FREE! Is the free thing going to be better than the thing I actually paid for? Me thinks not, but I’ll keep you posted.

Also, Baygon is now owned by SC Johnson. Maybe they (see the plural form of a company here) messed up the formula.

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  • Mercy January 13, 2023 10:48 am

    I prefer singular too. I’d recommend getting you to get the electrifying racket to get rid of the mosquitos. It’s exactly like a tennis racket so you have to hit them for them to be electrocuted. It’s a great exercise and you fall asleep immediately after because you’re exhausted of playing tennis.

  • theimaasai January 13, 2023 11:18 am

    I had the same Baygon vs mosquito scenario but mine was with Mortein doom. After watching their numerous ads, I was convinced that it works…..no it does not. The only thing that apparently works on all pests is the electric racket; that thing is like the Grim Reaper’s scythe though the nyama choma scent afterwards for some pests (flies and co.) is not very nice.

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