Bitmoji ImageMy name is Mark.

I can’t tell you my last name or where I live because I’m an Animorph.

No…wait… Wrong page.

My name is Mark Wambugu and I’m a writer. An aspiring writer. Perhaps not a very good one but there’s always room for improvement.

I’m a fan of books and movies and books that have been made into movies (Most of them are disappointing, though). I listen to music because, how could you not? What would the world be like without twerking? What would people in clubs and bars dance to in their drunken stupor? How would we know if rappers are beefing?

I’m a nerd. Specifically, a computer nerd.  I’m Team Marvel because DC is bleugh. Team Star Wars, not Star Trek. Team Adobe, not Corel. Team Android, not iOS.


But enough about me. You came here for the blog, right?

This blog is about a lot of stuff. I have an opinion about lots of things and I have stories to tell. This blog is about life. Mostly my life but occasionally, other people’s lives too.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy your time here.

*Fingers crossed*

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