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For a Good Time and a Long Time


From the moment Kip spoke to Rose he planned to marry her. Of course, if you would have asked him if that were true, he would deny it. From the moment Rose saw Janet, she stayed away from him. She had been hurt before by a boy named John.

Rose dated John (if you can call what they were doing dating) for three years before he broke her heart. He cheated on her with one of her friends. Rather one of her ex-friends. Her name was Brenda. 

John and Brenda were friends too. They met in one of their classes in their first year, where a teacher had paired them up for a project. They hit it off well but, of course, John was with Rose so nothing could possibly happen between them. Eventually, John introduced his friend to his girlfriend and they became friends too. 

One time when Rose had gone home to visit, John and Brenda went out for drinks. He had told Rose as much and it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for him to hang out with Brenda so he thought nothing of it. Brenda had a different agenda. She got John drunk and slept with him. She had wanted him for the longest time and she took Rose’s absence to seize the opportunity to have him. 

John woke up the next morning in shock but Brenda calmed him down. She propositioned him. Told him he could have them both. Rose would never have to know.

“I can’t. This was a mistake. We can’t do this,” he said.

“It’s your choice. Have me on the down-low or I tell your girlfriend how you screwed my brains out.”

“I was drunk.”

Brenda shrugged. “You think she’ll believe you? Did you trip and fall into my vagina in your drunken stupor?”

So John took Brenda as a side chick. Effortlessly playing Rose for a year. But soon Brenda got selfish. She wanted John for herself and she decided to tamper with his condoms. Rose found out about them when Brenda became pregnant.

Kip knew nothing of this of course (until much later when they were married) when he made himself Rose’s suitor. He spent the next year trying to convince her to go on a date. She repeatedly said no but with each no Kip’s desire was magnified. The thrill of the chase. He waited for Rose and vowed celibacy until she was his. 

Rose watched all of it with amusement. Each time she said no, the fire in Kip’s eyes would burn brighter, hotter. Sexier? And had his arms become bigger? Each time she said no, her resolve was failing. Being chipped away slowly by slowly like a drop of water falling on concrete. Eventually, the concrete loses. This man would be the death of her with his sharp wit, his charming smile and… seriously, had his arms become bigger?

One day, Kip asked Rose out and this time she said yes.

They dated for three years before he proposed. Then in what seemed like no time at all, they were out of school, living in Nairobi, him at a job in an insurance company, her at home sending out CVs. 

Kip and Rose were married in a Presbyterian church. By that time, Rose was six weeks pregnant and Kip wanted to make an honest woman out of her. She wore a dazzling white gown, he had on a charcoal grey tuxedo. They both didn’t care what anyone else in attendance was wearing. For all they knew, it was just them and the pastor in attendance.

Not long after the wedding, Rose got a job in Naivasha at one of the many hotels there. Kip wanted to quit his job and look for something close to her but she wouldn’t let him.

“We’ll commute,” she said.

“Don’t you mean, I’ll commute?” Kip asked, winking. 

Rose smiled and said, “Well, yes. You’re not carrying a human being inside you.”

“One could argue that I have millions of human beings inside me and I put just one of them inside you.

Rose gave him a light tap on his shoulder. 

So Kip stayed in their house in Nairobi when Rose moved to Naivasha. Every weekend he would drive up there and spend time with his wife. He’d rub her feet, do the cooking for her and sing to her belly. He could not sing to save his life but he did it anyway. Rose felt loved. When did she get so lucky?

Despite the distance, their lives were full. They were happy. Their jobs were successful. And they had love.


Rose’s went into labour on a Thursday night. It was 9 pm and Kip was in Nairobi stuck in traffic heading home. She called him up and panted, “Kip.” 

“Yes, my love,” he said.

“It’s time.” Then she hung up and called a taxi.

Her labour lasted six hours. Six freaking hours of pain and her midwife coaxing her did not help. “Push like you mean it! Ya mwisho!” But Rose did not feel like pushing anymore. She was tired. Exhausted. And sweaty! By the stars, she’d never been this sweaty. And she felt tight down there. So tight. And pressure like she was being ripped apart.

This baby had to come out now. But… “I can’t do this,” she said. “Not without Kip. Where’s Kip? Is he here yet?” She had called him six hours ago. What was taking him so long? Wasn’t Naivasha only two hours or so from Nairobi? Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. 

The midwife ignored her. “You’re almost there. Just one more big push.”

Rose thought of Kip and before pushing again, said a silent prayer for her husband.


Hi there. If you just joined this story, you can start from Part 1 (The Play) here.

If you have been following this story though, next week is Christmas week. Should we take a break? I mean, schools are closed, grandparents are waiting, vacation homes are open, you’ll be on the road, et cetera.

Ama I just finish this story in 2019? We have two parts left and coincidentally, two Mondays as well.

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  • Monje December 16, 2019 11:08 am

    Finish the series…..

  • Barbara December 16, 2019 1:02 pm

    Finish 🙂

    What’s happened to Kip aki

  • Nancy December 16, 2019 1:18 pm

    please finish. kuna internet ushago siku hizi and we definitely need this

  • lilian December 17, 2019 11:08 am

    finish aki we’ll find time for it

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    i’m already hooked, please finish in 2019.

  • Shazy December 17, 2019 2:26 pm

    Ehe next year is such a long way to go. Just finish it, I will find time to read it nikiwa shags.

  • Faith Chege December 17, 2019 3:47 pm

    I say finish even though I’m reading this on a Tuesday and it’s not even Christmas week yet. So long as none of those Mondays are Christmas day, please finish.


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