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7:30 pm

Forgive me, readers. I don’t have a story for you today. I did, however, promise myself that I would post something every Monday so… here I am. Honouring my word like the man of integrity I am.

Speaking of integrity, I just filed my tax returns and my wife’s returns as well. I don’t understand why the government takes my money monthly but they want us to tell them how much they took. Don’t they have accountants at KRA? Can’t they count? What is this filing returns business? What do auditors do?

Seriously, what do auditors do?

Bitmoji Image

Anyway, if Jesus paid taxes who am I not to? So in the spirit of giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, file your taxes.

In other more exciting news (for me), today happens to be my wife’s birthday so…

Girl you know I I I,

Girl you know I I I,

Don’t need candles or cake (although we did bake a cake)

Just need your body to make … 


Happy new week.











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  • Jane January 14, 2019 12:46 pm

    Seriously, what do auditors do? First of all,HOW DARE YOU! rolls eyes.
    Secondly,besides worrying about everyone business nothing much other than checking if your accountants are doing what they are supposed to do(not stealing), investigating after stealing, carrying out jobs using your terms of reference when clearly you the client have no clue what you want to be done making me sleep in the office every single day with 300 versions of reports….I could write a book in all caps. Phew….lemmi go and have coffee.

    Happy Birthday to your Wife!

    I am no longer a silent reader and thanks for being a writer with every Monday integrity.

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